Saturday, 2 March 2013

Top Android Apps for Hiding Your Media Files

Everyone of us has secrets And Private Things that we would not wish to be Revealed to others.but our growing dependency on the tech gadgets is gradually driving those secrets to our little companion that always stays with us wherever we go. A phone is no more a little thing that is used to make and receive calls. We get our mails, store our passwords, personal data, so on. In most cases, it doesn't make a difference to us if someone can See Our Personal Data.. So We Have to Protect Them From Others..Even From Our Near And Dear..

Have you ever been through such an experience, or would you like this happen to you?  When Someone Has Tried To Copy or Misuse Your Personal Data..Certainly not! A mobile phone is a very personal thing and there is nothing wrong in storing secret data whether it be an personal image or video, documents, messages or apps,  but they must be protected so that they do not become public.
So in this Article we will see some apps that will help you hide your personal photos, videos, apps, message and Make them Private...

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